Emerson Loop


The town of Emerson is Manitoba’s major gateway for visitors from the United States. Equipped with an excellent visitor centre, the town of Emerson is offers fabulous Victorian Architecture, scenic river views and a number of historical landmarks. There are 22 kilometers of trail in Emerson, these can be explored on two trails loops, one on each side of the Red River. We do not currently have maps available for these loops but they are well-signed.

On the west side of the Red River, there are a number of historic sites to explore, including: the first Canada Customs log house (built in 1870), Fort Dufferin, the original headquarters of the North West Mounted Police (built in 1874) , and the historic iron Canadian National Railway bridge which is still in use (built in 1898). Other attractions along this loop include Emerson Lagoon Park with a linear forest, Lake Louise, Red River bottom forest trail and the 129’ long Cable Suspension Bridge.

On the east side of the Red River, the trail passes river bottom forest trail and the only section of the Trans Canada Trail which runs right on the Canada/USA border. This trail also passes through the newly reclaimed abandoned heritage cemetery. This cemetery operated from 1878 until 1899.  64 of the graves were moved to a new cemetery but the remaining where left as family members had moved away. For 134 years these graves were forgotten and covered with thick bush and undergrowth. In the fall of 2012 the cemetery was reclaimed, exposing 18 marble tombstones with iron surrounds protecting headstones from spring flooding debris.


  • Canada Customs Log House;
  • Original Headquarters of the North West Mounted Police;
  • Fort Dufferin;
  • Historic Canadian National Railway bridge;
  • Emerson Lagoon Park;
  • Lake Louise;
  • Cable Suspension Bridge;
  • Abandoned Cemetery

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