Saint-Norbert Heritage Trails


St. Norbert Heritage TrailsWelcome to St. Norbert, entrance to Winnipeg, birthplace of the Province of Manitoba, and home of the Red River Floodway Gates! St. Norbert is a unique community with a storied history, one that includes a past life as a vital trading centre, the starting point for annual buffalo hunts, and home to a community of Cistercian Monks. We invite you to explore the colourful legacy of the area by following the St. Norbert Heritage Trails. Few places in Winnipeg offer so many historic and scenic attractions in such close proximity as this inviting urban trail which weaves through the rich cultural heritage and exceptional surrounds of the community.

The St. Norbert Heritage Trails are part of the Trans-Canada Trail, the longest trail system in the world. Cloutier Drive marks its boundary to the north and the Red River Floodway channel to the south. Seven distinctive trails cover over 30 km and are designed for four core activities:  

  • Walking
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Canoeing


Along these trails witness the site where Louis Riel and Father Noël Ritchot launched the Resistance of 1869-70 which led to the terms under which Manitoba entered into Confederation. Explore the richness of the area’s history in two Provincial Heritage Parks and a National Heritage site. Learn about a captivating past at three Provincial Heritage sites! 

The St. Norbert Heritage Trails offer a perfect setting for enjoying a nature hike, taking a leisurely paddle down the river or simply whiling away an afternoon with a fishing line while absorbing St. Norbert’s historic connections to the past. Come explore!


  • Red River Floodway
  • Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market
  • Place Saint-Norbert
  • Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park
  • St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

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