Crocus Trail


The Crocus Trail measures 136 km / 85 miles and runs from the Saskatchewan border to Russell.  This most westerly section of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba at Madge Lake, near the Saskatchewan border and runs south through the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest to the Village of San Clara and on to Roblin. From there the route heads south to the Asessippi Provincial Park, east through Bear Creek, then to Inglis and south to Russell In the Duck Mountains there are over twenty-five bird species that use tree cavities for homes.  Some of these birds include downy and pileated woodpeckers, boreal and barred owls, American kestrel, mountain bluebird, black-capped chickadee and even goldeneye ducks.  Flying squirrels and several bat species use the cavities for shelter as well.  Also watch for deer, moose, elk, bears and wolves in the Duck Mountains.


  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  • Asessippi Provincial Park
  • Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park
  • Inglis Elevators
  • Skinner’s Arboretum
  • Lake of the Prairies
  • Historic schools and churches
  • Goose Lake (Town of Roblin)


Access Points:

  • Roblin
  • Lake of the Prairies
  • Asessippi Provincial Park
  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park
  • Inglis
  • Russell


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