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The Harte Trail in Charleswood is a 6.5 kilometre recreational trail running from Shaftesbury Blvd. on the east to the Perimeter Hwy. on the west.  The trail was built on the bed of the historic Grand Trunk Railway, which later became the CNR.   This trail was the first in Winnipeg to be a part of the “rails to trails” conversion.

In 1999, because of public pressure, City Council declared this land a public green space for the purpose of becoming part of the Trans Canada Trail.  Friends of Harte Trail (FOHT) are stewards of the trail.   The Preston Trail joins the Harte Trail at the east end, near Shaftesbury Blvd., making it possible for people to continue on to Assiniboine Park.  Thundering Bison Trail also connects at Shaftesbury, and this trail takes you to Fort Whyte Alive.  Much of the Harte Trail passes through undisturbed natural habitats consisting of wetlands teeming with life, prairie grasslands with many species of grasses,           wild flowers and plants, and forests; some of which include ancient oak trees.The alignment of these three habitats in such a small area is unique and the largest variety of wild life and birds are found at the interface of these habitats.  Further along on the trail you will find a patch of Big Bluestem, a short way off the trail, near Charleswood Road.  This is native grassland which has never been plowed.  Many species of birds such as Bobolinks, make their homes; either seasonally or permanently  along the trail, in the natural habitats.

During the summer of 2012, FOHT placed 50 birdhouses in the trees and open spaces beside the trail  They are not easy to see during the summer, when the trees are full of leaves.  You have a good chance to see deer, fox, raccoons, rabbits, coyote when you take a hike or ride along the Harte Trail.  Come check it out soon!

Visit the website at www.hartetrail.com


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