Carberry North Cypress Trail



The Carberry-North Cypress trail measures 32 km / 20 miles in length.  The trail runs from northern boundary of municipality near Wellwood to southern boundary of municipality 5 miles south of Carberry.  The Carberry Plains area is characterised by fertile soils that produce a very diverse agriculture industry. This industry and related processing industries form the backbone of the local economy. Cereal and oilseed crops are grown along side forages for livestock feed and vegetables that supply local market gardens. The town of Carberry (King Spud Country) is known for producing high quality potatoes grown in the area.

The landscape around Carberry has some interesting features unique to the province and much of Canada. The Assiniboine Delta was formed ten thousand years ago when a raging glacial river carried sand and silt across the Prairies, then dropped it here as it spilled into ancient Lake Agassiz.   As the lake dried, the Carberry Sandhills were left behind where the lake shore once was. The land is an array of rolling hills and valleys that are covered in fertile sandy soils.

The sandy soil of the Assiniboine Delta is home to several unique plants and animals you are not likely to find elsewhere along the trail.  Keep your eyes open for the prickly pear and the pincushion cacti, the hognose snake and the prairie skink.  These species survive hear because of the sandy conditions provided by the delta. This is one of the few one of the few spots on the Trans Canada Trail across the country where the Trail crosses the Trans Canada Highway.


  • Carberry Sandhills
  • Historic Buildings
  • Carberry Plains Museum
  • Unique plants and animals
  • Stunning viewpoints along the trail


Access Points:

  • Carberry


For more tourism information please visit:

Town of Carberry/RM of North Cypress website

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