Stanley Trail


The Stanley Trail is 51 km or 40 miles, from RM Stanley/Thompson boundary through RM Stanley to Rosengart.  The trail enters from the RM of Thompson at the northwest corner and generally follows the line of the Pembina escarpment in a south easterly direction to within a mile of the Canada / U.S. border. 

The southern part of the trail closely follows the Boundary Commission Trail. Open prairie skyscapes, shale cliffs, wild flowers, abundant wildlife, open grassland, rich agricultural lands, rolling hills, creek crossings, oak stands, poplar bush and dramatic views of the Red River Valley all promise to delight trail users. The most technically challenging and scenic portions are the ones that follow the wooded creeks along the escarpment.


  • Pembina Escarpment
  • Canada/U.S. Border
  • Boundary Commission Trail
  • Various Prairie Landscapes
  • Views of the Red River Valley


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