Crow Wing Trail

Bend in the Roseau River.Three Fires Meeting Place near Roseau RapidsStart/end of the Crow Wing Trail at the Floodway south of WinnipegSt. Malo GrottoCrow Wing Trail


crow wing logoThe Crow Wing Trail is 191 km long and it connects Emerson to Winnipeg through the municipalities of Emerson, Franklin, Roseau River First Nation, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville, and Ritchot.

The trail was initially established in the 1800’s as a route to transport goods to and from the Red River Settlement on the Red River and the Crow Wing Settlement on the Mississippi River. Today the trail has been revived as a recreational trail.

This region was once the bottom of the ancient glacial lake Agassiz that formed after the last ice age. As it drained north the lake left silt and sediment that became the base of the fertile land of the Tall Grass Prairie: a vast sea of wildflowers and grasses. Today the region is highly productive agricultural land with remnants of Tall Grass species found along the trail. The little relief found on the plain comes from the Red River that flows north on the prairie’s eastern edge. The Trail crosses the prairie along the international border and the eastern side of the Red River.

The Crow Wing trail offers unlimited opportunities for nature lovers, birders, artists, historians, photographers, cyclists and explorers. The trail is as varied as the multicultural makeup of this region.

Photo Credits:
Georges Beaudry

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