Volunteer Opportunities

Trails Manitoba is actively seeking skilled volunteers

NB: All volunteers will receive an orientation to Trails Manitoba, a copy of our volunteer handbook, and an orientation specific to their task. Trails Manitoba Volunteer Manual  and Volunteer Application Form  Please send your completed form to Trails Manitoba, 3 – 303 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B4 and you will be contacted.


1. Marketing volunteer 

  1. Marketing committee member
  2. Fundraising opportunities (identifying opportunities)
  3. Partnerships (identifying and fostering relationships)


2. Fundraiser & special events volunteer

The volunteer(s) will assist Trails Manitoba to plan and host an event to raise the profile and raise funds for the organization’s activities.  Volunteer time is dependent on the activity.

3rd party fundraising volunteer The volunteer(s) will plan and host an event to raise the profile to Trails Manitoba and raise funds for the organization’s activities. Trails Manitoba will provide in-kind support to promote the event.  The commitment will vary based on the volunteer’s interests.

3. Graphic designer

The volunteer(s) will have experience using Adobe Creative Suite software to assist and develop marketing materials for print and web in collaboration with staff and marketing committee. The estimated commitment will vary depending on the project. Projects include developing brochures, trail guides, posters and more.

4. Public Education Volunteer

The volunteer(s) will have experience or have an interest in speaking in front of groups and /or one-on-one. The goal is to educate various groups about trails, develop enthusiasm and support for,  and increase usage of trails. Responsibilities include explaining Trails Manitoba’s benefits and opportunities; how trails are built, stories and history.

  1. Neighbourhood canvassing
  2. Conference and trade show tables
  3. School and association talks


5. Membership Development volunteer

 The volunteer(s) will work with the Marketing Committee to expand the membership base of Trails Manitoba.  Using information provided by Trails Manitoba the volunteer(s) will invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to join Trails Manitoba.  Follow up with prospective members will be required.  The estimated time commitment is 5 – 10 hours monthly.

6. Meetup Group volunteer coordinator

The volunteer(s) will work with the Meet up group administrator to lead and plan events, either for general or specialized outings (needing some specific knowledge). The volunteer will take responsibility to greet and coordinate the event as it unfolds, take pictures, respond to emails about that event before and after, and give feedback to administrator.

7. Promotions volunteer

The volunteer(s) will work with Marketing committee and Trail staff to plan promotional activities and seek out appropriate merchandise items. Time commitment  5-10 hours/month.

8. Social media volunteer

The volunteer will assist with social media for Trails Manitoba, with the direction of staff and the marketing committee.

9. GIS/website/interactive map volunteer

The volunteer(s) will have experience with cartography and GIS and be able to maintain a google map of provincial trails. The volunteer will collect GPS tracks and post them on our interactive google map (www.trailsmanitoba.ca/map).  Some editing may be required.  The estimated commitment is 5 hours monthly.

10. Trail Steward

Stewardship groups across Manitoba are looking for volunteers to help with organizational management, trail maintenance, and promotion.  All are welcome.  The commitment varies depending on the individual.

11. Grants committee member

The volunteer(s) will work with the Grants Committee to oversee the refurbishment and maintenance programs offered to organizational members (trail groups).  Experience with trail development, engineering, and/or construction is an asset.  The Committee meets three times yearly for 2 hours.  The Committee is supported by staff, but Members may be assigned tasks between meetings.  Estimated commitment is up to 10 hours per year.