North Whiteshell Trail


The North Whiteshell section stretches from the dam at Seven Sisters Falls to Caddy Lake, via Natalie, Eleanor, Dorothy and Nutimik Lakes on the Winnipeg River, and Betula Lake, White Lake, Brereton Lake, and Rennie.

The North Whiteshell Trail links many of the well-developed trails and campsites in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Inverness, Otter Falls, Dorothy Lake, Nutimuk Lake, Betula Lake, Whitelake, Jessica Lake, Brereton Lake, and the town of Rennie all offer trail users natural wonders and daily necessities.

The natural beauty of this area makes trail building a challenge but points of interest such as Bannock Point Petroforms and the many waterfalls make this a very popular part of the Trans Canada Trail.

The Boreal Shield stretches from Newfoundland & Labrador to Saskatchewan.  It is a land of rock, forests, lakes and rivers.  The Precambrian Shield rocks are some of the oldest in the world.  Coniferous trees dominate the Boreal.  These wild lands promise many opportunities to see wildlife.

** Several sections of this trail are not well maintained and lack directional signage. Cycling is not recommended on this backwoods trail. Cabin Lake trail is overgrown and flooded at the Cabin Lake Beaver Dam. Please visit Whiteshell Provincial Park Trail Conditions  prior to heading out on the trail.**


  • Seven Sisters Falls
  • Winnipeg River
  • Caddy Lake
  • Natalie Lake
  • Eleanor Lake
  • Dorothy Lake
  • Nutimik Lake
  • Betula Lake White Lake
  • Brereton Lake
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Otter Falls
  • Bannock Point Petroforms
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Birding opportunities

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