Rossburn Subdivision Trail

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The Rossburn Subdivision trail runs 174 km / 108 miles long, from Russell to Neepawa via Angusville, Rossburn, Oakburn, Elphinstone, Erickson, Clanwilliam and Bethany.  This section follows the abandoned rail line from Russell to Neepawa, passing through Silverton, Angusville, Birdtail, Waywayseecappo, Rossburn, Vista, Oakburn, Menzie, Elphinstone, Sandy Lake, Rackham, Erickson, Clanwilliam, and Bethany.

There are several hot spots for bird watching, as well as wild life viewing areas.  For example, beautiful Beaufort Lake, just west of the Town of Sandy Lake is a great place to watch for wildlife, especially birds.  You can see great horned owls, great blue heron, cormorants and gulls, to name a few.

There are many stunning viewpoints to enjoy.  Moving west to east, the first such viewpoint is located between Angusville and Rossburn, followed by the one at Dancing Bird Lake, then just past Erickson and finally the Windy Viewpoint that is located where the Desjarlais Trail intersects with the Trans Canada Trail.


  • Stunning viewpoints along the trail
  • Erickson Campground
  • Proven Marsh
  • Sandy Lake Trail Kiosk
  • Sandy Lake Ukrainian Museum
  • Beaufort Lake
  • Elphinstone Lions Campground
  • Rossburn Museum
  • Rossburn Jubilee Park with history of trail development
  • Historic sites in rural areas close to the trail


Access Points:

  • See nearby communities


For more tourism information please visit:


Rossburn Subdivision Trail Association

Board Executive:

  • Chair: Dennis Rogasky (RM of Yellowhead), Ph: (204) 625-5223
  • Vice-Chair: Michael Porrok (RM of Rosedale)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Ilse Ketelsen (Rossburn Municipality), Ph: (204) 859-2497

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